I support professionals transform / transition in their career

1. Excel, grow and move up the ladder – navigate and manage their career “own their career”
2. Totally transform and transition – Doctor who wants to be an accountant
It’s all about understanding where they are, where they want to be and creating an action
plan to get there.

A lot of people come to me with, “But I don’t know where there is…” and my point is you do but it’s about standing back and taking all the parts of the puzzle out of the head and creating your picture – i.e. Discovery, Vision and Action. So I have created a proven three step process that supports them in getting to their version of success. I apply this 3 step process in all my training, workshops & coaching.

Before taking on any new client at Coaching by SMK, Sinead always recommends a 30 min complimentary discovery session to help both parties to decide if the fit is right and to clearly understand what the goals are.