Professional Development for the Modern World

Invest in Your Future

The business world changes quickly and there’s no time to waste.  Professionals and leaders need fresh to support them today and into the future.  Not only do they need to be skilled in the typical areas of relationship management, communications, strategy and vision to name a few, they also need to be skilled in areas such as decision making, influencing, inclusion, diversity, managing remotely, how to effective, networking, coaching conversations, compassionate leadership etc to lead effectively in today’s modern world. 

Sinead has a passion for learning and developing others. She knows how important it is to make learning fun, interactive and engaging. That’s why she has  carefully crafted a number of  programs for you so that you can learn and enjoy yourself at the same time!

Current training and workshop offerings:  

The Secret to Career Success 
Interview Skills  for the Interviewee 
Interview Skills for Manager 
Creating a Personal Development Plan 
Decision Making for Today 
Female Leadership 
The Future of Leadership 
Managing Change 
Coaching Conversations 
Leading Remote Teams 
Time Management 
Working Remotely – The Practical How To
Giving Feedback – The Right Way 
Setting Real Goals 
Mentoring skills for New Mentors
Strength Profiling 
Managing Performance 
Performance Management 
Managing Stakeholders 
Simplified Lean Six Sigma for Everyday Problem Solving 
Training is a unique solution to your unique challenge and all training can be tailored to suit you and your business….